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Why Do Apartment Rentals In Some Major Cities Go Up?

Apartment rent decreases slightly in many of the major pandemic destination cities while rents climb only in more urban centers. That is driving up home rental prices across the board and leaving apartments out on the market. However, as the Zumper rent price chart below reveals, apartment rent prices appear to be regaining. Renters are willing to pay a bit more money to lease an apartment - but not that much. This may change as the housing market rebounds and fewer people can afford to buy homes at the current prices.


It makes good economic sense to lease if you have the time, since it is less expensive to maintain and keep than a mortgage. Yet many apartment rent to own owners are reluctant to make the commitment required for a lease. This can be for a number of reasons; perhaps they don't like the idea of renters collecting a security deposit or they simply fear they will lose their investment if the building is damaged beyond repair. Still others simply want a free alternative to a mortgage, which can be provided by a lease agreement.

The Zumper index predicts that home rental prices will increase in six of the top seven large cities in the United States this year, and renters will take their demand for an affordable urban living space to all the suburbs. Some cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles already have sky high vacancies. In some cases, a vacancy can mean several months of lost rental income for the landlord. In today's troubled economy, this could spell disaster for anyone renting an apartment. The slower the rental housing market, the sooner it can recover and the better the prospects for tenants.

One reason why apartment rent appears to be holding up is that tenants are willing to pay a little extra in order to lease an apartment. Tenants can demand higher security deposit amounts, or they might refuse to make their first or final payment until the lease is complete. Or, they might elect to rent a sublet instead of signing a long-term lease with their current landlord. An increase in competition between landlords can result in better rental deals and, for those who are renting on a credit or debit card, it can also reduce the interest rate. In this competitive environment, you need to go for these affordable 2 bedroom apartments now.

Other urban areas, however, aren't seeing the same boom in rental prices as other major cities. In fact, some areas have seen decreases in apartment rentals, and even in some cases rent decreases have been applied to already vacant units. In these cases, it appears that the problem isn't supply, but demand. The problem is that fewer people are choosing to live in the less affluent, less convenient urban areas due to a variety of factors, including the lack of availability of jobs in these areas, the high cost of living, the shortage of desirable job opportunities, and a lack of education and job development opportunities.

Urban dwellers aren't just looking for better apartment rental terms -- they're also looking for more value for their dollar. Apartment renters in these less desirable cities might be able to reduce their monthly payments by looking into apartment management software. By entering specific criteria into the apartment rental management software, apartment renters can find the ideal combination of apartment rental rates and amenities, and can tailor the search to a particular geographic area or neighborhood

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